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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning. welcome back to fox 8 newsni in the morning. the chicken with scott sabol. it's a generalized like affect third has temperatures areal in the low 30s regionwide we have a west when that's going to get stronger pitch driving to prince of snowr that heavier. this picture me near toledo and all the way down into two thirds ofn the sayers there's a on thath seems a little bit less organized pick us from sandusky to overnight not citing to the
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snow accumulate s to the west before we see the snow accumulate further east we have not seen anything in cleveland at that is going tange as the morning continues the temperatures remain in the 30s. then wefoow startumss to see theee th tem get colder madina at 30 in elyria at 31.
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accidents heard anything on the other freeways as well without report from one of the viewer a littlele slow down and the akron area that is just wet. we're route two out in sandusky headed westbound snow is fine wayne and kristi back to you. oh .-dot crews preparing for the rain to transition into snow. with an hx and that drivers have been set to begin unfortunate as
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toshort commute to work. they vardy seen a good amount of snow and fact the 24 hour travel this was into placeh if he'll speak at a rally at bald andal wallace university as her stacyta fry is life this morning with the latest.e bernie sanders comes to bald and walls the day after theyh released a poll showing him with the slimmest lead over hillary clinton.y likely voters asked if the primary presidential primary we're held today who is you vote for 45 percent said said bernieer sanders in a hypothetical
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voters also showed sanders pretty strong that he would be donaldb trump 43-40 percent.ce in a head-to-head matchup between he and john k-6 keyy sequence easily with 52 percent easily. clearly sanders is a a lot of progress since he enter the races he talked about that last night in kansas city, missouri.mi we have come a really long way in this campaign. inth the last 3,003 special polls which now have us in the leadle and given the fact that we start 60 or 70 points for had i think that's pretty good.oo bernie sanders coming to speak to the crowd of young people may be announced that he becoming with the university on sunday doors open at 7:00 it doesn't begin until
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her meantime supporters for supporters democratic rivalse the salary for ohio group says it will serve as the community healthsa all of those working tow help clinton's white house run. in other news this morning and investigation is ongoing thist thursday morning following gunshots outside a cleveland police stations feeding boreholes ns in the building it happened at the fourth district headquarters around 10:30 p.m. on kinsman road theynd say they heard gunshots and then they saw 16 -year-old male running off he shot himself the roadway while trying to get away no word onwo
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no officers were injuredis he pleaded guilty in federal court for 04 your time is spent about $150,000 in donations one of the charities the work to get troubled youth off cleveland streets will continuet good heart.
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best verye than the cavaliers guard is a good demonstration of life it was that brought to cleveland. good morning everybody the snow starts to move in as we speak by late afternoon will start to see these temperatures fall back into the high 20s with purse
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welcome back 509 do weather and traffic every eight minutes it's time to see what's happening weatherwise. thank you very much. after the rain moved out.
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is one that lets the sky condition wass pretty eerie scheme. if you have a home for rob wewe thought the 29 inches deep in. average parameter too often your average are all is close to that sometimes stretcher aches and pains are pressure here deepening low temperatures beginning to fall pretty quick
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when hairdressers is fromom vermillion down with ashley now working into wellingtonve and into my dainik county.n then another one behind that west to east will bebe list of this moneyst it will start to accumulate several inches of general accumulations.
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pretty strong. i'm temperature before 53 sprinkles stay that way the middle of december.r around 28 degrees and saturdayrd the daytime highs finally climbing we should be up into the 40s this we will see 50 plus on sundayw we need to keep an eye on that is the one on one with one on wednesday both of those the capabilityoth are somewhat snow. your officials school closing station. it's's a what slushy snow 13 minutes after 5:00 a.m.
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minutes. here's a live look at the in about bridge patty harkin will be back with a closer look at the roadsheki the snow coming in
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the schedule would not all the other candidates river ted cruz it is from texas and mark overview john k-6 he says despite not doing so well in theh last contest he's not droppingpp out of the race. he not because the fiber to gete out donald trump when ohio ando not going to . -ellipsis the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who is notis a conservative we need to elect someone who's prepared to bet president and a thoughtful and serious anth appropriate given thehe threats this country faces.fa there's never been a candidate like donald trump and the head-to-head polls donald consistently bruce's to be face-off in their next debate tonight at the university of houston obesity on cnn at 8305
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big floats of texas senator ted crews asts he does not win. for several conflicting pulls out. anywhere from double digits two will betw a 1 percent lead over donald trump that the winner take also it'se a big lead for whoever does went.oe barack obama meet a challenge youtha leaders following to block of supreme court nominee by choosing at republican governor there on the shortlist ofof potential nominees he's a moderate republicanss and a former federal judge republican senators have said if not hold confirmation hearingsna until after the election no matternt who is selected.. colorado shares to be out is dead following as shooter with a man being served an eviction notice the deputies this we've given the court what it's the suspect went back into the homes have been came out firing the corporal with a 13 year veteran who died in a gunbattle the
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music if the government is also cut the physician was held forel care can last night. investigators are trying to determine whatto was inside an envelope the made three people sick inv the federal building of worker open at customs they have -ellipsis he got sick are expected to be okay a ten -year-old california trip.n remembered as a hero for pushing two little girls out of the length of the way she stepped in and took over to the shooters she died after being hit by the suv it was
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slipped into neutral and rolledro through the gross grief counselors will be in school for her classmates today and tomorrow. how sad. weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. hugh jackson was coming his response to the future of johnny manziel that he was asked at the nfl rookie combine. the cavaliers return the to
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you can kind of see the camera on our rooftop bouncing around a little bit as snow showers are beginning to work from west to east storm fox radar fifth two areas of concern i 90 out of lorraine county heading to the west that we are seen some of that snuff they were seen someom of that snow and lighter snow and even some burst of snow south of wellington and another pocket of snow so most of that movement here is from west to east with the temperatures the low 30sth as it reaches the ground these temperatures and
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and we can kind of see here out of the heart of the snowball we will see some like affect streaks out of the northwest which will produce someso localized local is 5-6-inch numbers by friday it's a wetw snow eight-day forecast in a few minutes back to you guys. and sports this morning earlier this month hornets stun the cavaliers and charlotte despite missing virtue pass plays but the cavaliers with pretty to swap themca away at the cute the cavaliers buzz the hornets with a 40h points second quarter of an entirelyan each scored 23 points and jr smith added 16 points and had three steals highlight the rear deckk in the third quarter the cavaliers predator early in the fourth for the recently
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down three straight threes he's worth 15's and the cavaliers crews 20 went and prevented 41-15 the leave north of the border to take on toronto tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. the browns30 pence coach is in indianapolis this week for the nfl combine. he may be starting quarterbacks as they take a stand and preparing to cut ties to cut ties with johnny mans out i want to make understand that that figure will be tolerated and that's all i want to say. i want to leave it at that. organization is going to take a stand up and move up from senses situation. the browns are expected to release them next month the browns have been number two draft pick the few analysts qtant jto mfigu's aavav from d 5:26 a.m. with weather and traffic every eight minutes just
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how struggles are leading to request another round of winter weather rolling into our how zero .-dot is getting ready for it is a look at traffic in the akron area test patty will have the latest on your commute when
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good morning. welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. we have a lot of work that it's thursday february 2532 degrees outside thanks for joining us in. mymy name is kristi capel. >> my name is wayne dawson big changes that they are check in with scott sabol. >> this is the time of year where it's's very difficult to accumulate the snow because the ground temperatures in the road service pictures are hovering well above freezing and even the air temperatures are hovering above freezing. once we start to get them on top of snow that will lower the temperatures and that's what we will start to think the accumulations bars in cleveland anda when progress at this point it's
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stretching from west to east will be areas like it 1-2. take into account any residual lake affect later tonight out of the heart of the snowball will probably get 4-cccccccccccccccccccc6 inches with lake affect that i will continue into early tomorrow that's what snow snow so it starts to compress downs of the day goes on much colder tomorrowow much warmer over the weekend eight-day in a few minutes. trevor time with patty harkin it is 5:31 a.m. good at morning torn you, scott. we


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